A Conversational Dilemma

After a few months of writer's block, I finally sat down and forced my pen to work. I won't spoil it for you with a premise other than allowing you the title itself. Enjoy. A Conversational Dilemma I don't know how to communicate.It's true. Of the social obligation to validate each other's charades, I am … Continue reading A Conversational Dilemma

Taking The ‘Shun’ Out Of Addiction

Disclaimer, this post is lengthy, faith-based, and real. Addiction is everywhere. It glazes our cellphones, coats our video game controllers, tips our needles and caps our bottles. It's the timeless human phenomenon of progressive fixation on something until it takes you over. If there's still a you to be taken by the end, consider yourself … Continue reading Taking The ‘Shun’ Out Of Addiction