Flight Risk

I wrote this poem on the flight to Guatemala, headed to my first-ever mission trip! Even typing this up now brings back a wealth of great memories. I was so wired, I couldn’t focus on anything, but sometimes writing is more like muscle memory for me. That being said, I only just now titled it.


Opportunity, bright and vibrant.
Tastes like an iced caramel macchiato.
Smells like air recycled every 15 minutes.
Feels like cabin pressure @ 34,000 ft.
It's knowing you forgot something, but being unable to care.
It's lying in bed lost in thought when you should be asleep.
Wanting to do everything and nothing all at once.
It's blonde hair in the rising sun.
It's being above the clouds, seeing the whole silver lining.
It's being chalk full of nerves and travel information.
The collision of fear and wonder.
The knowledge you're finally growing, and growing up.
When your hands and feet are just that, finally moving at God's discretion.
It's the split-second of pondering the paths of those around you.
It's a deep sign and a deeper prayer.
Certain you're neither Moses nor Aaron without God.
It's soaring wings beside you, hope in front of you, and the prayers of churches and loved ones behind you.
It's a leap of faith.
It's pure joy.

Flight risk refers to someone being highly likely to run from something (generally the law). I was highly likely to “run away” from the calling to go on that mission trip. When that first announcement was made at church for a Guatemala trip, I sighed deeply and looked up to the Lord and thought, “You’re gonna make me go on this aren’t you?” I made a ton of excuses to myself and God as to why I shouldn’t or couldn’t go – too much money, too much time, huge language barrier, safety concerns, no passport, vaccinations, fear of leaving my own country, etc. In hindsight, I can’t imagine avoiding that mission trip, and I cannot wait to go back! If you’re feeling conflicted about a similar decision, cover it in prayer. I highly recommend going God’s way, he makes a formidable opponent and an even better ally. Thanks for reading, Lord bless!

9 thoughts on “Flight Risk

  1. Thanks for this reminder of how so many things in the Lord seem to go–hesitancy, confusion, fear, hope, wonder, peace, joy, & thankfulness (not necessarily in that order). I think you were blessed on this trip at least as much as you were a blessing & God is Still at work In & Through you!!! This poem is a beautiful reflection of all that energy waiting to burst forth in Kingdom & heart endeavors. XO, Mom/V

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      1. Ah my night owl son…with a day job to keep the lights on! Hope things are going well on the home front. Shockingly here everyone’s sleeping but me! Wish you were here too. Love & miss you…XO

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